Terrace House

It’s been a long time since I’ve power-marathoned thorugh a TV show.  Maybe Gilmore Girls was the last one I really got sucked into.  And since then it’s been a lot of half-hearted watching.  Having shows on but not really paying attention.  Or just watching random YouTube videos.  But then Terrace House Season 1 Part 2 just got added on Netflix and I was a goner this weekend.  I blasted through it.  Last year, a coworker told me about the show when I complained about having nothing to watch.  He said check this out.  It’s Real World in Japan.  You get the relationship drama and coed living drama all the while everybody is bowing to each other and polite as ever.  I watched one episode and was hooked!  The only hard part is you can’t multitask while watching this show.  It’s all in Japanese with English subtitles so I have to pay attention.  What I like about this is seeing new love blossom.  Or sometimes not.  It takes me back to my memories of being rejected.  Or the excitement of a new romance.  Sometimes peppered with bouts of insecurity, confusion, or jealousy.  Or over agonizing, over thinking, does he – doesn’t he.  And then when couples you want to come together finally do, it’s like a Jane-Austen Yay! It’s magically delicious!

No, you did not give me five-star service.

Dear Verizon –

Here’s the story of why I am no longer a FIOS customer.

1.  I call Verizon to get access to my online account.  Maybe I never had one.  I don’t know.  At any rate I spend over an hour getting passed from one person to the other back to the other or whatever.  I counted at least 6 passes.  It was customer hot potato.  As soon as they detected not-an-easy-fix, they passed me along.  Then the last rep “dropped the call” when asked for her manager.
I went online and did the chat and the chat person took care of it in 1 minute.  Let’s call this experience even since you eventually resolved this.  The phone experience was the stuff of comics though.  Over an hour.

2.  Once I logged in, I learned that I’ve been paying ~$90 a month for 10 mbps download and 2 mbps upload speeds.  And I also learned that you now offer a $50 a month service for faster speeds. I try to sign up online but keep running into a message saying it can’t be done, call customer service.  Yup – back into customer service hotline hell we go.  First call – your call center rep tells me there’s an error on my account.  I’m on hold for a good half hour.  Rep tells me to try back later.

3.  Call 2.  Rep logs a ticket to get this error fixed and says he’ll call me back about this the next day.

4.  No call back.  I make call 3.  Ticket is still hanging out there.  Unaddressed.  Give it a day.  They’ll call me back.

5.  Again, no call back. Call 4.  They tell me to give it a few days.  They’ll call me back when it’s resolved.

6.  You don’t call me back after a week of the ticket being logged.  Call 5.  Your call center rep tells me they’re trying to get someone on the phone but it’s taking a while.  In the meantime, do I want to just hang up and he’ll call me back in a couple of minutes.  Durrr.. okay.

7.  Over a half an hour later, surprise!  No call back.  Call 6.  This rep tells me Verizon no longer services my area.  Hence I can’t make any changes to my plan. Ok, time to start shopping for other options.  (Only later I come to find out that is not true!)

8.  I go to Comcast, which is the last thing I want to do because their reputation precedes them.  But what else can I do!?  Keep getting bilked at $90/month for sub-par service?  During the final call to Verizon to schedule the cancellation date, when your rep was trying to keep me on, she still said you needed 48 hours to get this fixed!!  What?!  It’d been 10 days.  Not once did you call me back when you said you would.  This relationship is over because I can’t trust anything you say.  And I’m tired of my nightly chats with your customer service reps.

I would like to add that your reps spend a lot of time reading scripts and it does not make the service better.  In fact, I wish they were allowed to just talk normally.  It would save us all a lot of time from having to listening to the same lines over and over without getting any real help.  I think your Call Center(s) is trying to sabotage your business.  They couldn’t have done a better job at driving me away if they were trying.

Not yours truly.

Taylor Swift Album 6 Watch begins

  • It’s October 2X.  All but one of her past albums have come out October 2X, every other year.  (Fearless came out in November.)
  • She’s performing in Austin today.  Perfect opportunity for publicity.
  • Her Instagram has been a little busier than usual.
  • She had a whirlwind Summer fling.  Many muses to draw from.

Get excited!  I am.  I have been waiting for this since we went to her concert last year.



I’m glad I got a haircut since it has been 11 months since my last one. And it was nice catching up with Christina. It’s a little shorter than I’d like, but in a way, that works out better because I get more ideal length time when it gradually grows into it.

Con-70 Converter

I got this converter for another pen (the Falcon) but it didn’t fit. 
Con-70 Converter
In fact, the only pen I have that can fit this converter was my work pen, the Kakuno.  Perfect.  I took it to work and the ink capacity lasts!  I don’t have to worry about my pen running out of ink in the middle of a meeting.  And filling it is a breeze.  Just a few pumps dipped in the inkwell and I have myself a juicy pen.  Even if the pen dries up and stops writing, I don’t have to do anything more than just give the converter a few gentle half pumps and it’s good to go.  This thing… I should have gotten it long ago.  It’s turned a fountain pen from a play thing and kind of inconvenient to a real everyday work pen.
For the longest time, I was refilling a cartridge with a syringe at work.  This started to get tedious when it was happening every few weeks.  I had to keep a backup ballpoint, which defeats the purpose of a fountain pen.  Suddenly I found myself shopping for a pen with super ink capacity.  But any pen over $20 was not going to work with me.  This accidental converter saved the day.The only drawback if I have to think of one is you don’t get to swap colors as often.  But I’ve found that for work, I’m not going to use too many cartoon colors.  So I end up with the same general range of colors anyways – anything that looks black or blue.  Right now, it’s Diamine Evergreen.  It looks black on a fine nib.

Fickle weather

And it’s back into the 80s we go.  I knew this autumn weather wasn’t ready to be officially cold just yet, so I left a few summer items mingling about.  It’s so weird wearing gloves one morning and then whipping out my last opportunity for a summer dress a few days later.

Closet Turnover

Lows are in the 40s this week so winter gear is officially returning back into my wardrobe! I just need to find my mittens or gloves somewhere. Anyway, this weekend, I did the Summer Winter swapparoo with my clothes. As I went through my summer stuff I realized every week I grabbed for the same holey shirts and shorts week after week, while at the bottom of the drawers were perfectly nicer things that I never wore all season. I forgot about them all. Now the question is, do I get rid of the holey stuff or the stuff I don’t wear? I’ve tossed a few holey things into the donation pile – and yes, after learning that Goodwill recycles all textiles (except moldy ones – groady), I don’t feel bad about handing over everything, even stuff I’ve worn the shit out of and is unsalable.


I’m running out of stuff to do and have been feeling restless lately. Like I need to find something I can get into. I’ve pretty much reached the bottom of the barrel of YouTube and Netflix. Most days, I just have something on for the background noise and can’t be bothered to pay attention. The fish tank is pretty self-contained. The plants don’t like being over-tended. So I joined a gym. Maybe this will help me kill some time and provide something stimulating.

Again with the shopping hobby. In preparation for this new endeavor, I got a water bottle (lost the old one).

These headbands. (I’ve used them for a while now and they’re only ok. They have to be clipped on to stay, otherwise, they slide off.)
Savvy Coconut Headbands
And a locker lock.

Fountain Pen Hobbyist

Speaking of shopping hobbies, I met a fellow fountain pen enthusiast at the same training class. He was using a Lamy 2000 and when I asked him about it, he offered to let me try it, which I did. It was nice but probably heavier than I prefer. It has the heft of the Pilot Metropolitan. He also had the Monteverde OneTouch Stylus Tool Pen. It’s like the nerd’s version of a pocket knife. A fountain pen with a touchscreen stylus, a ruler with 4 measuring scales, a level, and mini screwdrivers (flat head and Philips). Today he brought in his 1943 Parker Vacumatic which looked almost like mine but his was longer. I should have brought my 1946 Debutante. I think his was the Major. I asked him about notebooks and paper and he said he was currently using the Moleskine which wasn’t very good and had bleed through. I will take that as a steer clear. He was also using another pen today that had a greenish marbling design. It was kind of big and fat. I wish I’d asked him what it was. It’s kinda’ neat to meet a fountain pen fool in real life. They exist!