ZZ Plant Propagation

While I was moving around my monster sized zz plant and trying to get it in a better corner of the house and evening out the sunlight I knocked over a leaf or two. I stuck them in the pot with the begonia back in March. I heard they take forever to root but being curious and impatient, I dug one up today to check out its progress. And I found this!

ZZ Plan root bulb thing
A root bulb thing.


Lately I’ve been going to spin class and every time, I always feel so out of shape as I huff and puff my way through the “hills.” It’s kinda’ fun though, with the loud thumping music, and the energetic vibe. I rather like it.


A couple of weeks ago, while at a friend’s house, I saw a brown coconut sitting in their fruit bowl and I had to ask, “Is that coconut you have there decorative or do you actually eat it??” Because I’ve only ever bought coconuts to make coconut huts for my betta fish. But I threw out the meat on the inside.  They showed me a bowl of coconut meat from a brown coconut in their fridge and let me try some.  It was pretty good. Crunchy. Coconutty.  Then they told me about the young coconuts at Asian markets too, so I got curious and decided to get some for myself.
young coconut

We got 2 young coconuts and 1 brown one.
These 2 young ones were filled with cool, mildly sweet water. Pretty refreshing. We watched some videos on YouTube to learn how to open them. I was glad I have a cheap santoku knife. I took a hammer to it to help open the top.
young coconut

After drinking the water, you can grab a spoon and scoop out the jelly flesh.
coconut flesh - jelly
It’s like a sweet creamy dessert.

The brown coconut we just cracked in half with the claw end of a hammer and then I used a knife to pry out the meat.
Brown coconut

We went back for 3 more fresh coconuts and another brown coconut the following week. It’s my new favorite treat! Perfect for this hot weather.

Adding more fountain pens to the collection

After weeks on a row boat across the Pacific Ocean, and then some more weeks on a donkey’s back across the continental U.S., my fountain pens finally, FINALLY arrived 2 months after I ordered them. I’ve used them for a month now so I have a good enough idea of how they write to opine about them.

Pilot Kakuno

I got the Pilot Petit1, fine nib. It’s the blue mini pen on the bottom of the picture. Without posting the cap on the back, it’s too short for my hand. Overall, it’s only okay. It writes pretty wet, which for cheapo work notebooks isn’t great, but I’ll still use it for work because it’s pretty and I want to use non-disposable pens at work, but not anything I’d be sad to lose. I love that it’s a see-through pen so I can always tell when the ink is running low. I brought ink and refilling supplies to refill the cartridge at work. This way I don’t need to worry about running out of ink. This isn’t a pen I would recommend.  The the inkflow is too much so the fine nib writes like a medium nib.

And the Pilot Kakuno. This is supposed to be a kiddie beginner fountain pen. As if fountain pens needed levels. I mean, if you can use a crayon, you can use a fountain pen. Anyway, this is a great inexpensive pen. I got the fine nib and it writes like a freshly sharpened pencil. There’s no bleed through to the other side of the paper, even on regular paper, so I can use it for journaling on my fountain-pen unfriendly Miquelrius notebook. And still use both sides of the paper! It’s very comfortable to hold and write with and I found myself grabbing it frequently for making shopping lists, journaling, sticking it into my bag on my way out in case I need to make notes for myself. It’s handy dandy! I would DEFINITELY recommend this. It’s actually my second favorite pen after the Pelikan.

So now there are 5 pens in my collection.
In order of preference (for now):

  • Pelikan m 205 F – The Pelikan seems to just get better with use. It’s a piston-fill and I love that about it. It’s the only pen I can refill directly in the ink bottle.
  • Pilot Kakuno F – This one is great on cheap paper. It feels like I’m using a pencil, which I enjoy. It writes consistently.
  • Pilot Metropolitan M – I like the Metropolitan a lot because it feels substantial. And on good paper, the medium nib really shows off the ink beautifully.
  • Pilot Petit 1 F – Easy carry, inexpensive, reliable pen.
  • Pilot 78G Broad – The one I have has an issue where the pen nib portion seems to keep unscrewing from the pen body as I write. I’m constantly having to rescrew it back in as I write. The broad nib can be a little skippy/scratchy at times too. Still, it’s my only broad nib pen and that makes it great with showing off colors and looking dramatic. If my handwriting were better, I’d probably appreciate this a lot more.

Happy June!

Summer isn’t quite here yet but it’s getting close. In fact, it was so hot outside yesterday I nearly passed out playing tennis. It didn’t help that I was playing at 1PM, which is close to peak sun. I couldn’t drink enough water to keep me cool and hydrated, the sun was baking so hot. I had to cut the playing short to cool down.

Ginger and other plants

It only took a week or two for the ginger to take off after I planted it in the soil. I should have done it long ago! All those weeks languishing in the shallow dishes of water.

Every other day I found new sprouts and they’re doing pretty well now.

The begonia has 4 leaves now.
It started out with 2. One of them dropped and it grew 3 more. It’s getting taller too. I’m so proud of this little begonia. It started out pretty sad looking. You can see at the base is the stumpy twig it came from.

The succulents are growing like weeds, I’m not even sure what to do with it all. They’re going to quickly outgrow these containers.

I can’t wait until next spring so I can start propagating these. I’ll have succulents everywhere!

Back to the makeup again – Rejuva

It’s been 3 years since I went on a makeup binge.  Like last time, first I purged and then I bought.  This time I found a new brand, Rejuva Minerals.  
Rejuva Minerals
They’re rated 0 on EWG.  I didn’t know there were products with 0 ratings.  Ingredients include cocoa powder and tapioca.  Sounds like food to me. I got this almost a month ago and I wanted to use it before writing about it.

I ordered the eyeshadow (taupe), multi task powder (primer), loose foundation, and bronzer (light skin), and black eyeliner. I’ve tried all of them now in these past few weeks and they are pretty great for daily work/going out make up. My face doesn’t prickle or itch, and the colors seem pretty universally flattering and subtle/natural. I use the bronzer the most. Sometimes I mix it with my blush and sometimes I use it as blush. It’s much more subtle and I like that. It gets rid of the sickly sallowness but people don’t realize I’m wearing makeup.

If I’m going somewhere fancy where I need makeup to last longer I might need my old school makeup, but for daily use, I definitely prefer these products.

Rejuva Minerals Eyeliner
This eyeliner is a twistup. It’s pretty good, but it won’t last all day at work. To be fair, I’ve never had eyeliner last all day at work for me. It glides on easily and blends nicely.

Since I wasn’t sure of the color for the foundation, I ordered the small size.
Rejuva Minerals

It comes in a shaker bottle.

I use my existing powder foundation lid and blush lid for the bronzer to shake it on.
Light Skin Bronzer
This is the bronzer for light skin. I probably could have gotten the dark one too, but I really like that this bronzer is more of a neutral blush color. It makes it easy to use, blends right in.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this and I’ll get it again.

Proper Shoe Fitting

Yesterday, we went to the Public Shoe Store to get some athletic shoes. In the past, we’ve ordered them online for the sake of convenience but this time, we went because the proprietor there is a podiatrist who knows proper shoe fitting and the store is closing soon so this would be our last chance. Actually, we’ve walked by there hundreds of times and I’ve always wanted to go in because SHOES!!, but never did. So we mentioned we do running and we learned that the toes actually need room at the front of the toe box to grow/swell when you run. We ended up buying shoes a full size bigger!! Tight or too small running shoes can wreck your toes. And it all made sense to me immediately when I heard that because I’ve lost a toenail from running before. I came home and just tried on my athletic shoes which are a half size bigger than my normal shoes and based on the way they judged it, I now realize I should go a full size bigger. When you lift your toes with the sneakers on, you should have an inch of space up to the front of the toe box for your feet to grow when you run. So that’s that. Get properly fitting shoes.


The nasturtiums that moved outside are doing well.

The ones that stayed indoors all slowly died. I threw them out.

I’m still not sure these will grow as well as they could because it’s still not sunny enough.

Ginger Plant

I finally have something to show you besides a ginger root that everybody’s seen before.

It started out like this
I just chopped up ginger and put them in dishes with shallow water.

When they started to sprout a little, I buried them in the soil.

And they grew! Easy. I think once you start to see a little growth, get it in the soil and just water it. Keeping it too long in the dishes with water just slows down the growing and they are more susceptible to growing mold or drying out.

I hope they flower.