Half and Half

This is it: Autumnal Equinox. After today, SAD hits and I’m going to just hole myself under the covers until the sunlight comes back.

So in celebration of this glum event, here are some of the good things, the silver lining so to speak:

  • Less Sun = less grass growth = savings from not having to mow the lawn. Cha ching!
  • More holidays, more excuses to gorge myself silly
  • Burn more calories just standing outside in the cold
  • Weather is not uncomfortably hot or cold (for now), and the humidity eases up. Hopefully, we’ll get the much-needed rain we’ve been missing since, oh… all Summer long!
  • Fall/Winter wardrobe that’s been languishing in the closet can come out.
  • Shopping (well, this is more of an all-the-time, anytime sort of thing, still counts though)
  • Curling up under the blankets
  • Hot chai
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Apples

Geez, why does everything turn back to food with me? :p