Martha Stewart would be proud

My college-aged cousins taught me how to make this.
Highlighter Bottle

Step 1: Buy wine or liquor. Choose one with a pretty bottle.
Drink up!
Or any bottle.
Step 2: Open the bottle.
Step 3: Drink up.
Setp 3: Fill empty vessel with H2O.
Step 4; bust open a highlighter of any color and take out the inside. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t use a pink highlighter. The reason is because I wanted it to look green.
Number 5 tie the inside ink thingie with a string. Dental floss.
You might want to tie it in the middle so it doesn’t slip off.
Next, slit open the ink sponge so the ink can seep out into the water and drop it into the bottle of water.
Step 8: Give it a shake and let it sit.
Last step: In about an hour, pull out the ink sponge and cap the bottle.


Drink water. But not the neon green stuff in the bottle. Eat some pumpkin pie. Drink some coffee. Brush your teeth.

This decorative bottle of neon highlighter water may be placed by a window or other well-lit area to enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings. Now go forth and create art!

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