First Frost

It was 30some degrees this morning. All of our potted plants have come inside for the fall/winter – including the cymbidium. So the story about the cymbidium is that two winter’s ago, while my parents were out of town for a week or so, I left the heat off in the house.  The house reached about 40 degrees F. That year, the cymbidium bloomed for the first time since it was purchased. The plant needed to be chilled in order to induce blooms. Last year, we decided to leave the plant outside a little longer to get that needed chill so it’d flower again.

  1. Plant frosted
  2. Leaves browned
  3. Fell out
  4. Bald plant

Don’t worry, it survived.  This winter, I’m going to try to chill it to get it to flower again.  Brrr for me for a couple of weeks this coming winter.