BreakfastsYesterday, I went to the local courthouse because the county summoned me for a case against someone. By the time Mom and I showed up the courtroom was hearing a trial against a guy who was charged with second degree assault against his girlfriend’s family. He had been in jail since May and the judge gave him probation for a year and no more hostile contact with the girl’s family. He also had an alcohol problem and a record of drunk driving. He’s also an illegal immigrant. He pled guilty. The next trial I sat through was the county against a 22 year old guy who was caught selling pot. He had an 8 month old baby his mom was helping him with while he worked at a chain restaurant. College graduate, no prior record. As soon as the police caught him, he confessed to the whole thing and explained he was just looking to make quick cash.Pancake The judge gave him a warning and put him on probation. I felt like the court was pretty fair, understanding, and humane. She gave these people a second chance and realizing they had financial hardships, only requested they pay for probation officer costs. Next up, the case I was summoned for. I’m not exactly sure what the case was supposed to be about but it didn’t matter because the defendant didn’t show up.BELT The lawyers told the judge they had a warrant but the person wasn’t home when they looked for him. So I left and went for breakfast at a nearby chain restaurant (FirstWatch) with my mom. Our eyes were way hungrier than our stomachs and after ordering two entrees, we decided to have a pancake too. Everything was so buttery good. See those toasted english muffins at the top? Warm chewy buttery goodness. And just in case we’d be hungry later on, we got two BELTs (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato) to go. They don’t make em as good as the ones we had in Australia but still good because it’s bacon.

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