For the past few weeks my mom and I have been engrossed in a Korean miniseries. It’s your typical stupid waste of time that sucks you in and you keep staying up way past your bedtime only for the storyline to inch forward barely. Every night is anticlimactic but I’m now a Plants vs. Zombies expert because that’s the other thing I’m doing while not paying attention to what’s not happening. So the other night, as we’re watching the main female character, my mom goes, “Is that a guy?” Me, “No, where’s that coming from?” Mom, “Look at her neck.” OMG when she talks her adam’s apple goes up and down! So now we think she’s a he. Yesterday we checked out her hands because I’m of the belief that you can change just about anything but manhands are hard to alter. She has womanhands. But she’s dressed crappy which is unusual for a Korean show. Anyway, I just checked online and apparently women can have larger than normal adam’s apples. Kinda’ like how I have a mustache.

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