Idle Hands

I’m sitting here sipping wine, watching yet another Korean miniseries. I hate to say it but, I’m BORED!! Now that I’m almost done with classes, I’m trying to come up with things I want to do for my next “project.” Boy was school a horribly expensive undertaking. As it were, I need a new, hopefully less expensive hobby.

So I’m brainstorming things I want to do with all this idle time I’ll soon have on my hands.

  • Read a book
  • Tutor
  • Do nothing!!  Yeee- HAW!!
  • Find a new recipe to make (mangle)
  • Plan my Thanksgiving menu
  • Sip wine
  • Absolutely NADA!

If I had disposable income:

  • Take a vacation!
  • Get a doggy!
  • Go shopping!
  • Dine in every ridiculously overpriced restaurant in the city
  • Take cooking classes to learn some knife skills
  • Rosetta Stone in Espanol!  (All I remember now is “hay caramba” and I picked that up from Sr. Simpson)

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