Playing Therapist

These past few weeks, I’ve been counseling a friend about her on-again off-again relationship. I often have to temper what I really want to tell her with what I think might be more helpful. Usually, the first version of the email reads something like, “Yikes, head for the nearest exit!” Then I delete, and send this, “What is the outcome you’re looking for? Given, what you know, is it realistic?”

Sometimes, it seems clear to me what she should do given the circumstances but then I think, only the two people know the ins and outs of what’s going on so what do I know?? Basically, nix therapist from my list of “what I want to be when I grow up” because I haven’t the foggiest. By the way, they reunited and are happy again so I’m glad I didn’t tell her to give up!


Mayorga CoffeeAs mornings have gotten darker and chillier, resisting caffeine has gotten harder and harder, particularly when it comes in the form of aromatic-belly-warming deliciousness.

The coffee cravings are definitely stirring. Not to worry, I’m 6 pounds of beans prepared.

Sheesh now look what happened. All that talk of coffee and before I knew it, a pot was brewing. I don’t know how it happened!!


TobascoAside from wine, I consider bloody mary’s a sort of health food of alcoholic beverages. There’s V8!

I just made one but it didn’t turn out as tasty as the last one I had last Christmas. Maybe I missed some key ingredient since I was limited to what I had around the house. V8, vodka, cayenne, and hot sauce. What’d I miss??

I just made a second one, this time with a bit of Worcestershire sauce. Thank you Internet, it’s better!

Making naan… I mean phulka (?)

I went to a classmate’s house for a group project this morning. This lady has a spoiled, grumpy-old-man sorta bichon frise. I’m leery of him and give him his space. Incidentally, he decided I was his friend today and tried to play fetch.

Meeting at her place with her mom and nanny around, we kept eating. First was a spiced rice with onion, scallion, cumin, tumeric, and mustard seeds. Tasty! Then we had Indian tea, which was probably the same as British, with sugar and milk. It was so rich almost like hot cocoa. On our way out, her nanny was making naan phulka (Indian friend corrected) for lunch and we got a little demo.

First, take a piece of dough and roll it into a ball and flatten it with your palms. Then roll it out into a flat round circle.
roll it out

Second, on a flat pan, roast the flattened dough.

Third, and this is the fun part, you roast it right over the gas stove flame and it puffs up! I guess you have to have a gas stove for this.
Step 4: Toast and puff

And repeat!

First day of Autumn?

This morning, I woke up because it was so chilly! Plus I had this horrible dream about trying to escape someone. He was holding a plate of salad to entice me and look like a kind person to the passersby. I had to recruit strangers to escape but they thought I was the nutty one since the salad-holder looked nice. Probably me internalizing the news about the girl kidnapped from Tahoe maybe. Crazy.

Last week, highs were in the upper 90s. This week, we’re looking at something closer to the upper 70s. It’s definitely turned Fall on us almost overnight. I wouldn’t be surprised if temperatures went back up but I’m enjoying this Fall weather teaser. That’s one of the good things about this area, the Autumn season.