The final stretch

When I first started school two years ago, I was so excited and eager. A year later, I was tired and ready to be done. Now that the last day of class is in two weeks, on October 17th, 1PM (who’s keeping track?), I’m feeling relieved yet wistful. A lot has happened in these two years. I’ve met so many people, made new friends, and gotten a new job. I think back now and as much as I whined and complained about assignments and exams, overall, it’s been a good experience. Life during these two years have been good. Maybe even worth going into debt for it. I can’t believe I said that. When the loans start kicking in in February, I’ll probably be singing a different tune.

So let me whine my final whine. I have been procrastinating on my last assignment for a week now. I barely understand what we’re learning! I’ve gone on Facebook, read blogs online, blogged, and still I just barely figured out (finally after two nights of racking my brain and emailing the professor the stupidest questions — poor lady) gotten some numbers out of Excel Solver. I’m so screwed.