My Vanity

before Even though I have a “usual” hairlady, for the past three haircuts, I’ve gone to three different people. The first was back in July of last year at a Vietnamese barber shop where the lady gave me a rough cut. Not great, but not devastating either considering I couldn’t really communicate much to her. I like to think my wavy hair is pretty forgiving of most haircuts as long as it’s below shoulder length. The next person was in California this past March. It was a bit shorter, lying just below the shoulder, but I liked it and it grew out nicely. Last night, I went to a guy’s house to get my haircut. The community, if you know who to talk to, is chock full of these at-home businesses. You’ll find full fledged hair salons in someones basement or even spas. afterSo he works during the day at some salon charging $65 a haircut but for his basement run gig, it’s only $18. Nice. Only issue, I’m not sure I like my haircut, and I don’t say that often. Here’s the thing, I can’t see when I’m getting a haircut. After the glasses come off, I only tell whoever’s cutting my hair I want it long enough to tie up and bangs or no bangs. Because of that, I’m generally okay with whatever I end up with. This time though, I feel like he fobified me! He styled my hair stick straight like typical nice Asian hair then gave me a layered cut. All I need is the school girl outfit and I’m set for Halloween. I’m going back to Christina next time. She works with my waves.

The hair person’s advice for hair loss – eat more alkali foods such as seaweed and get more sleep. My doctor also advised me that stress can cause your hair to come out.

Great, the dentist is telling me to chill out or my teeth are going to get worn down to nubs, and now my doctor is telling me to chill out or my hair’s gonna fall out!! I need to move to the Caribbean.