TrafficToday was prime autumn foliage viewing up in the mountains. My mom prepared a picnic and we drove to Skyline Drive to see the colorful treetops. Because the best viewing happens only for a few weekends, traffic was packed. Normally they charge an entrance fee to the national park but in order to keep the cars moving, they just kept directing traffic through. We drove up and stopped at a few of the look out points. Whenever I tried to use the timer to get a shot of the three of us, folks would volunteer to take a picture for us. One guy held the camera at a high angle to make it appear like you were looking down the mountain. Very clever technique, I’ll remember that for next time!

You would not believe how many fancy cameras and humongous lenses were out there today. Everywhere you turned was a dSLR. Maybe part of it is because I have been hunting for a dSLR camera this past week so today I was taking note of the Canons and Nikons all around. We didn’t stay too long, maybe an hour or so because we just didn’t feel like negotiating the roads with so much congestion.