The Real Stuff

Last night, I went to crotchety-bichon-and-loveable-goldendoodle’s house to work on our final group project. Even though I had prepared a PB&J, I asked the hostess when dinner was to be served because, of course, I want yummy Indian food, not PB&J! Her mom made the most amazing dish of spicy peas and lentils. An hour after, I tried another dish, then another. I think I spent more time eating than actual work! Everything was made from scratch, vegetarian, and delicious! I’ll have to drop by to poke my head in her refrigerator more often.

I’m starting to know her dogs’ personalities better now. Sheru-the-Crotchety doesn’t like to be touched, but he likes company. As I was sitting on the couch next to his bed, he hopped out of his bed and went to Ranu-the-Loveable’s bed which happened to be closer to me. Then a minute later, he came up to me and hopped on the couch and laid there next to me. No touching though. Ranu-the-Loveable wants attention from everybody. She randomly lays her nose on your lap or licks your feet and otherwise sticks her body just at arms reach so you can pet her. Eventually, she tires out and lays under the table where we’re working and doesn’t even move when we poke her or try to bug her, she’s so laid back. I’ve offered to take both of these dogs (she wants to keep them together) if she ever moves back to India. Yes – even the mean one. I’m sure they’re both equally delicious.