YeeshChristina is my hair lady and I love her. She knows my hair pretty well. The wavy. My lazy. She can work with it. And I can work with what she gives me. Every time I go to other people, I can’t help but wish I’d gone to Christina. So today, I went to Christina and I’m so glad I did! I went in thinking I was going for maybe 2 or 3 inches off. Mind you, I only told her layered, no bangs, long enough to tie up. That’s what I always say, to everyone I go to, variance on the bangs though. Anyway, this time, she took off a bit more than 3 inches. It’s barely long enough to tie up, especially the shorter layered sections, but it’s the exact haircut I wanted and I just didn’t know it at the time!
Back to Christina
So today, I fessed up to her that I’ve gone to some different people since I last saw her. She remarked that it’d been a while since I’d gone back. I felt kinda’ embarrassed about wandering but she was fine with it – hair grows back so it’s fine to experiment, but I had to tell her that in all my ventures, she’s still the best. By the way, do you notice the dull hair at the top photo and the shiny on the bottom? I think that’s Fekkai Glossing Cream. It’s magical.