Oh L’amour

Atop the Empire State Building, at around 11 PM, as we were gazing out into the city, applause erupted through a small crowd. We had just witnessed a proposal for a lady’s hand in marriage and the acceptance of the engagement! She was crying with joy exclaiming how she had no idea it was coming and people snapped photos for them. Walking away, I saw her smiling at her ring.

As the Metro train was coming to a halt after work this evening, I saw a man prepare to get off. But before the doors opened, he quietly approached a woman and whispered something to her. She looked expressionless as he handed her a note. She kept her head down reading the note, maybe avoiding eye contact with the man as he watched her read. Then right before he was about to turn around and step off, she looked up at him and gave him a half smile, slight nod, and a mouthed “Okay, I’ll call.” As I followed the man out, he had a bounce in his step and kindly let another lady in front of him as he stepped on the escalator.

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