Wacky Metro, Tasty Food

I spoke too soon about the Metro. Yesterday morning, my train broke down for no apparent reason. It wasn’t overpacked. It just went out of service at one station and everybody off loaded.

On a brighter note, we went to The Wharf Restaurant in Alexandria and had a very good dinner. We got horseradish salmon, crawfish crab imperial, and she-crab soup. The salmon could have used more horseradish but on the whole, the food was good. I enjoyed all the dishes, the service was attentive, but not too hovery and I would come back here again.

On the way home, we walked to the Metro, realized they were single tracking a lot of lines to the point where they didn’t even post how long our train was going to take to arrive. Tired and sleepy, we cabbed it back. With the price hikes, the cost savings from taking the Metro was too small to be worth the wait.