Etsy Addict

Months back I told a friend about Etsy, this website I love to browse. They sell handmade items, from clothes to handbags, to jewelry and paintings. Many of the sellers create the items at home as a hobby. I had never ordered anything from Etsy. I guess part of my reluctance was that it’s a conglomeration of sellers. I don’t know how reliable they are or the quality of the products. This friend I shared it with however went ahead and got addicted to Etsy and went on to actually buy things from there. She got these stacked fine silver rings and I saw them and had to have them. So here I got my own. They’re from a seller called buyhappiness. Indeed I’m happy. She even emailed me to ask me what my favorite color was so she could add the ring with stones as a bonus. How generous! I’m now hooked on this website. Uh-oh.