Lost Dog

Doesn’t it seem like all I talk about these days is food, food, and more food? It’s like all I do is eat. I guess it’s partly true, I do love me some food.

So I diligently packed my trusty point and shoot camera with me today and when I tried to take pictures I realized there was no memory card in there. I had taken it out during the Europe trip and never replaced it. No matter – lately, I’ve been blogging just fine without the pictures, though how can you imagine it without seeing it, right? I mean, a big part of the enjoyment of the food is the looking. That’s why we love buffets. Strolling through the displays and admiring all the wonderful possibilities you can shove into your mouth… ahhh.

Ok, I’m going off on a tangent. FOCUS! Lost Dog Cafe. Pizza. Mmmm…. We shared a large Rin Tin Tin (mushrooms, tomato, basil, cheese, and other herbs and greens on a whole wheat crust). The crust is crispy and thin and we both agreed it was tastier than John’s Pizzeria. Sorry NYC, apparently, burb yups can eat as well as the rest of you. The toppings were generous, cheesy, and we loved the uncooked basil leaves sprinkled all over the pizza. The two of us almost managed to finish a whole pie. Had I not had the gimongo lunch at Amina Thai today, I would’ve been able to have more. I noticed the other peoples’ dishes and sandwiches all looked equally delicious. I think this is definitely worth going to and it’s my new favorite pizza place.