As a result of shopping

For some strange reason, I’m looking forward to each work day a little bit too much. Too much meaning at all! And the strange reason is really just plain shallow. I just want to wear the new clothes, earrings, or shoes I bought most recently. So even though I want today to be Friday, I’m trying to think of every workday as an opportunity to wear my pretty clothes. This will help justify my shopping, y’know? Like what’s the point of buying cute shoes and clothes if I don’t have anywhere to prance around in them? So on Sunday I pick the warmest day(s) of the week and that is my “skirt” day. This week, skirt day is Wednesday and today. Plus, I’m still on my New Year’s resolution to wear blush & earrings every day. I do it on weekends too but I feel like it’s most appropriate at work. On the weekends I’m in my dumpy holey sweatpants and lumberjack shirt with earrings and blush on. Really bizarro. It’s like I tried then gave up halfway. Maybe next NY resolution will be to change out of dumpy home clothes by a certain hour of the day, every day.

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