Oh the people you’ll meet!

Last week, I was setting up meetings with some folks at work to get to know their projects that they’re managing. I have gotten to meet some really cool people who have such great stories to share through doing these meetings and I’ve really been enjoying this project because of that. The older they are, the more stories they have. Or maybe the more they’re willing to share. Last week, I met a guy who was a Green Beret. And he speaks 3 other languages besides English! He told me he’d give me a travel itinerary when I’m ready to book my trip to Southeast Asia. I’m not sure if I’m down with some of the stuff he likes. He likes to go to bars and party. I’ll need a toned down version of that. Then, I met another lady who shared with me the health challenges in her family they’ve had to overcome. I was so inspired by her strength and perseverance through it all. It’s so amazing to me, here you have what appear to be people who seem to fit the Dilbert mold. I mean we all fit the mold in cubicle-land! But you spend 15 minutes with them and a whole story unfolds. So some days at work aren’t that shitty.

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