Going to Mom’s

I just started a new job again recently.  Well it’s similar but with a smarter, more competent boss.  The new gig has me re-establishing new routines.  I no longer go to Mom’s Organic Market weekly.

So yesterday, we went there as our weekend grocery run.  It felt so familiar going back there.  I’ve missed it.  I got my usual staples.  A bunch of bulk food items like nuts and beans.  And raisins for our girl, Gina.  We also got lunch there after we shopped.  They have a ton of really great vegetarian/vegan options and a nice little lounge area to sit and eat.  I would highly recommend it as a place to go if this is the kind of food you’re looking for, even if you’re not grocery shopping.  Their food is good.  I highly recommend the Jammed Yam, the cauliflower steak, and the Fakin’ Bacon.  They also have specials which are good too.  Everything is good!

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