Woodberry Kitchen

Three words. Yum yum yum!

I felt sort of silly driving an hour for brunch. Trek out to Baltimore for eggs and toast? Let me tell you, this was the best brunch I have had anywhere. I love breakfast foods and I have had some good stuff but this was so memorably good. The morning was a bit chilly so we started with hot chocolate.
Hot Chocolate

For starters we had a chard salad and oysters on the half shell. Usually, when I have oysters anywhere, it doesn’t matter how good the other dishes are, the oysters always stand out as the best part of the meal. Fresh, sweet, briny. This time, as great as the oysters were, they didn’t outshine the food. We ordered Gold Potato Hash Browns (with cabbage slaw and perfectly cooked runny eggs) and Cast Iron Blood Sausage (made in a cast iron pan with a popover base and an egg). That popover was so light and puffy. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The plate and pan were licked clean. Both dishes were so good we almost ordered a third out of greed. We opted for an apple pie ala mode instead.
Apple Pie

They have great service at the bar. We made a reservation and got there an hour early so we opted for the bar. I kind of enjoy sitting at the bar sometimes. We get prompt service and it’s good people watching. They also have convenient free valet parking.

Three more words. I’ll be back.