Eating Animals

This book, though hard to read, was important for me to read. I am so grateful to Jonathan Safran Foer for presenting this information in an easy-to-understand format that is helping me make choices with my eyes a little more open. I’m glad I read it because it’s important to make informed decisions whenever possible. It’s okay to be ignorant and then educate oneself, but it’s not okay to be proud of ignorance or choose to be willfully ignorant. I think it’s important for anybody who eats to read this and make informed choices.

Upon reading this book, I won’t say I’m a vegetarian or vegan or whatever. But I will say with this information, I choose not to eat animal products today and probably tomorrow. I will have this information with me and make an informed choice every day. I was heartbroken upon reading this book and though I knew about most of this stuff going on, I chose to push it out of my mind. To conveniently “forget”about it. But I hope not to do that in the future. If I choose to eat meat, I will do so with full knowledge of the consequences of my decisions.

So I won’t urge people to read this book so they will stop eating meat, but to be less ignorant. Keep an open mind when you read and make informed choices.

I copied this in my journal off the book. “Every time you make a decision about food, you are farming by proxy.”

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