Good Intentions

On Saturday we went to Wolf Trap to see Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows. Remember them!?! Haha. It was fun to hear the old songs again. Picnicking on the lawn was probably the best part though. I mean, eating anything on a blanket makes the food taste better I think. We got takeout from Natta Thai (10 minutes from the venue) which was very good. I also enjoyed watching other people eat. A double dating group in front of us brought some fancypants stuff. Crudites, artichokes with dip, fried chicken, bite sized Twix. I think I paid more attention to them and their food than the show. To our right was a couple with 2 LeoNora bakery baguettes. I love watching people eat. Oh and I picked up some very creative ways to pop off beer caps. One guy rolled up the programs they handed out and used that as a bottle opener. Another guy held two bottles against each other and used one cap to force off the other. I was going to borrow someone’s bottle opener but it looked like we all forgot to bring one so I used my belt buckle. Worked like a charm.

We got there at 6:30 for a 7PM show which actually started at 8PM and the lawn looked like this.

We settled in on a shady patch were the views of the stage was this.

Next time, we should probably get there a bit earlier.

Here’s Counting Crows playing just as we were leaving.

The sound was clearest right by our car. I could actually hear the words to the songs without the messy echos and reverberations.

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