They really do speak French

Going to Quebec City this time of year felt like Fall came early. The temps there were in the 70s during the day and 50s at night. We had a week there and stayed in Old Quebec (Vieux Quebec) which is within the fortified city walls. It looks like Europe a little bit but for the most part, it feels like the New World.

Fortified walls

For this trip, I just had a list of major sites to see and we took our time hitting them since we had plenty of days. Here’s a few memorable sights.

This big castle looking building is the Chateau Frontenac which is a hotel.
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Tourists are free to enter and look around. It looks like a regular hotel on the inside.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Outside the city walls, there’s the Parliament of Quebec Province.
The Parliament

The tourguide pointed out this painting located in the Legislative Council room.
Debating over setting an official language to use in Parliament It depicts a heated debate over establishing an official language for the Parliament. They ended up deciding to use any language.

Our first day there, I thought, no way they really speak French! They’re just playing for the tourists. We ended up getting lost further out somewhere in the city and stopped by a gas station to ask for directions. The lady there could barely speak English. She gestured and pieced together enough words for us to get us back on track but that’s when I realized, whoa, they really don’t speak English. And of course the TV shows had a lot of French speaking channels and the local news used French. I don’t know why that’s such a hard concept for me to comprehend but it just seems odd that they don’t teach both languages at least since the rest of the country uses English.

And of course, they had many Catholic churches from the French era.
Notre Dame des Victoires This is the Notre Dame des Victoires. Names thusly after the French thought they fought back the British. Of course, they later lost the city to the British.

One surprisingly cool place we checked out wasn’t even on my list: the Artillery Park.
Dauphine Redoubt - 1712Within the park is a few buildings and they sort of walk you through the history a little bit of how it was built, used by the French then taken over by the British.
Dauphine Redoubt

Overall, it was a fun trip but we probably didn’t need a full week to see everything. On the other hand having a full week gave us plenty of relaxation time to just wander around the city. Towards the end of the trip we’d found the local bar and had learned our way around much of the within-walking-distance areas of the city. It also gave me time to just chill in our hotel room and watch 18/19 Kids and Counting and Say Yes To the Dress and Undercover Boss and Long Island Medium.

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