Wildest Dreams

I got tickets to see Tay Tay’s 1989 concert!! WOOOHOO!!!!!

It was soo hard 2 years ago to get RED tickets. We had multiple people on multiple devices trying to get in on the pre-sale. At various cities! No dice.

Welp, this year, she’s performing at large scale stadiums and as luck would have it we snagged some tickets. I am over the moon beyond excited! I feel like this might be my crowning achievement in life. Getting to see her perform in concert.

Sigh. I’d throw a cartwheel if I knew how.

Retail Therapy

Being home alone bums me out. But it’s nothing a little shopping can’t fix.


TJ Maxx for the skirt and dress. Target for the top.

It is not lost on me that I just wrote a post called “Curb my Consumerism” sandwiched between 2 posts of consuming. “The things we fear the most have already happened to us.” Call Hoarders.

All by mysel-elf

I’ve been on my own this past week and I don’t like it. I don’t like being by myself. I mean I tried. I tried telling myself, now I can watch Gilmore Girls without complaint. I can blast 1989 on a continuous loop all night. But what’s the point of doing anything if someone’s not around to be annoyed by it? Last week, we had a happy hour at work and I told my coworkers my woe-is-me tale of having to putter around in an empty home. They kindly stayed later to keep me company so I didn’t have to come home to an empty house until I was good and tired. They told me maybe one day I will just naturally prefer some alone time. Maybe. I doubt it.

I’m currently watching Gina take her pellets out of her bowl one by one and tossing them aside. She picks up the pellet with her mouth then takes it out of her mouth with her paw and flings it through the bars. IMG_8721There’s a confetti of pellets around her cage and I just vacuumed 2 days ago.

This is how I spend my time.
Release the kraken! As I blast Taylor Swift.


It’s dark outside. I walked home in the dark. A bit of a bummer. In a few weeks, I’ll be surrounded by darkness in the morning and evening and have barely a glimpse of sunlight during the day. It’s time for my Wintertime hunker down. Hot tea. Indian food. Actually Indian food year round. I wonder if it’s my comfort food. Eh, all good food is comfort food.