My baby is better than yours

According to this article, there’s a new NY law banning people from tattooing or piercing their pets.

I find this laughable. If tattooing or piercing animals is “cruel” because “unlike humans, animals do not have the ability to choose the pain that comes with body art,” what do they call CAFOs? Slaughterhouses? Animal laboratories? Hahaha… Poor Fido indeed. Fido just had a tasty meal of the poor chicken who was raised in pain and suffering and then slaughtered. I don’t think that chicken was asked either. This law carries a $250 fine or 15 days in jail. The other animal cruelty inflicted on other living beings’ babies carry rewards of the consumers’ dollars. It’s so out-of-sight-out-of-mind. And selfish. My-baby-is-more-precious-than-your-baby mentality.

I think before lawmakers waste their time on these trivialities, they need to look to improving the well-being of the forgotten. The “non-pet” animals locked up in labs somewhere. The “agricultural livestock” that aren’t thought of as living beings but rather as $$$. Make their short lives less miserable. Give them more space. Outlaw some of the practices such as branding them, confining them in overcrowded spaces stepping over their own dead brethren. Basic basic things. Fido is fine. Fido’s life, however sorry or pathetic, is still better than the animal that landed on our dinner plates.

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