Holiday Food Week

Not in any particular order.

  • Tasty Garden: Cantonese.  Good duck (so I heard).  Great noodles and chow foon dishes.  Nice vegetable dishes (not overly greasy/salty).  We ate here twice.  I’d come back again.
  • Tortacos: Mexican.  Food-truck-style.  I wouldn’t mind coming back here but more than likely will not.
  • Korean Deli (Myung Ga Gim Bap): Korean.  It’s alright.  I don’t plan on coming back.  Service is very friendly though.
  • Taipei Cafe: Taiwanese.  Some dishes are better than others.  For the good dishes like rice noodle soup or oyster pancakes it would be worth coming back.  For me, there aren’t many meat-free dishes so I could take it or leave it.
  • Willow: American.  They do a good job of their dishes.  This place is reliably and consistently good.  Would be nice if they had dairy-free options.
  • Kotobuki: Japanese.  I like their hotpot rice bowls (kamameshi) that I don’t find easily elsewhere.
  • 8407 Kitchen Bar: Farm to Table American.  We came here last year 3 times and every time was awesome.  A year later and the food’s mostly good, but not as good as I remembered it.  The lamb chops are tough.  The bathroom’s a little run down.  Like Willow, it would be nice if they offered 1 vegan option on the menu. 8407 Kitchen BarIt just doesn’t have that something that makes me rushing to go back like last year.
  • Woodberry Kitchen: Farm to Table American.  WoodberryLove the brunch, but the location is out of the way.  I’d eat here more frequently if I lived closer.
  • Sardi’s: Peruvian (Chicken).  Even better than the old faves Crisp & Juicy or Pollo Rico.  Lots of side dish options.  Delicious yuca fries.  I wouldn’t mind coming back here at all.