ISO Sexy Safeway

I had a day off last week and while I was out and about in DC, I decided to head towards Georgetown to look for the famous Georgetown Safeway, a.k.a. Sexy Safeway. I walked from Foggy Bottom to Rosslyn and didn’t find it but it was a nice stroll through what’s like an outdoor mall along Georgetown’s main thoroughfare, M Street. The place is so different during the day. Quiet. Few people. Not a lot of places open yet. Usually we’re there at night where it’s pretty lively and filled with dolled up people. I ended up shopping around TJ Maxx and decided against getting anything because I didn’t want to haul it around. Anyway, I came home and looked up Sexy Safeway’s location. It’s a little less than a mile away from M Street. I’ll have to do another Sexy Safeway hunt another day. I’ll plan better and bring my camera┬ánext time.

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