I played tennis in high school. And by played, I mean I ran around the court chasing after tennis balls each Summer and Fall. It gave my hair natural highlights from the sun and gave my face a horrible tanline from my sunglasses. Even with diligently applied sunscreen. I blame my inability to play, on a racket that was too heavy and poor hand-eye coordination. I’ve since eliminated one issue because now I’m able to lift 10 lb dumbbells and rackets are made of fluffy light marshmallows. I’ll be back to learning how to play this sport again this year. My goal is to learn how to return a ball to the other side of the net within the boundary lines. This should be fun. I will now have to go dig out my cute tennis skirt from high school, which was probably the only reason why I even signed up for tennis in high school, just to have an excuse to wear a cute tennis skirt. My motivation hasn’t changed. Just that this time, I want to play a little bit of tennis while wearing the skirt.

Look Gina! Tennis balls for me to chase!