Low Light

Here’s the philodendron before, where it’d been sitting in a poorly lit location for a few months.
6.19.2015 Philodendron

A month of sitting in the sunny corner later, it’s like a Miracle Grow commercial. I didn’t make any changes except moved it to a brighter location.
7.10.2015 Philodendron

If I’d taken a before picture of the pothos, you’d notice the same drastic difference. Low light tolerant plants don’t die. That’s all. But if you’re looking for good healthy shiny big leaves, they need sunlight.

I’ve moved our gigantic ZZplant to a dark-ish corner because it was just taking up too much space in the jungle (that’s what I call my plant corner). It’s supposed to be an anything-tolerant plant (well, anything except overwatering). I’d done it before but then moved it back to the jungle out of guilt. Like I was mistreating my prized plant. But it was so big whenever I went to water the other plants in the jungle, it was in the way. So it’s back in the dark-ish corner. I’ll probably move it back to the jungle in the late summer/early fall as the days get shorter.