Best Concert EVAR!!

Last night’s Taylor Swift 1989 concert was every positive superlative you can think of. From the opening acts (Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim) to the final Shake It Off finale with fireworks, I was in the best place on Earth for those 6 hours.
She just puts on a performance that feels like a big production, but then draws you into a more intimate place. She somehow manages to take a sold-out stadium of 45,000 people and magically draw you closer together.
And part of the show is also these cool light up bracelets they hand out at the entrance which are controlled lights that make a cool light show effect. The entire stadium just looks amazing during the performances. I have to hand it to the fans too, they are pretty awesome people. The costumes, the signs, the devotion. I felt inadequate even as I stepped off the metro train, seeing all the amazing costumes and signs people were carrying in. Oh and Lorde!! LORDE showed up to sing Royals. I wish she stuck around for more. I wish Taylor stuck around for encores. I wish the night would never end. Even though the metro closed and we had to cab it home, and I have a sore throat from screaming my head off, I could have stayed there for moar!! She did sing redesigned versions of Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. She performed the entire 1989 album including the bonus tracks, You Are In Love, Wonderland, and New Romantics. 19 songs altogether. Girl is no slouch. Partway in the show, there was a hangup on the moving stage. It drizzled earlier during the start of the show and the stage machinery got stuck while she was on it. So for a while, she was stuck on the center platform and just had to improvise with her guitar and later, a keyboard. She was so calm about it, even asking her staff for a status, and a keyboard mid-song. She didn’t skip a beat. So supposedly, there was to be a song performed with her on a raised platform thing? Maybe the stage lifts? But that broke. It didn’t affect the show though. We were there to hear her sing her songs. Platform smlatform. In between songs, she talks about not comparing your backstage life with the online highlight reel that you see on the internet of other people. And to love yourself. And friendships. Her two criteria for friendship are 1. Liking her and 2. Wanting to spend time with her. With point 2, there are two options, to leave or to stay. And that was her intro to Stay. Girl, I would have stayed all night long. See you in 2 years Taylor.