No Internet

Day 1 – It’s a little surreal. A little weird. But also fun. A little exciting. Break out the candles and beer. Let’s play Plants vs. Zombies again. Ooh, I know! I’ll write in my journal using my fountain pen. Drink a beer, have some olives, clip my nails and then write about it.

Day 2 – We’ve been stranded without Internet and isolated from the outside world. What’s even happening out there?? I can only pray that Verizon can come early in the allotted appointment time Sunday to save us. It’s time to fire up the old Sims 2 game. Desperate times call for … Sims.
And thank goodness for the HotSpot from the cellphone. I’m posting this using the HotSpot. I can barely remember what life was like before all this connectivity. Harsh.

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