Pumpkin Spice Season

Have you noticed temps have gotten cooler? I’ve noticed. Instead of 90s, our highs are in the 80s. I’ve been wearing long sleeves all week. Every morning, I debate whether I ought to wear a light jacket. I haven’t. Yet.

Ooh AND we’re waking up in darkness now. Have you noticed that? It’s pitch dark at 5:30, maybe even 6:00.

Last weekend I saw pumpkin spice or Oktoberfest beer. I didn’t get any.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. In the past, it was probably dread of the shorter days. And my plants look a little sadder, grow a little slower, so that’s a bummer. But I’m ready for some pumpkin spice, and the holidays that come in succession. That’s always nice.

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