Tyson’s Corner is awful!

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I feel like I’m betraying the shopping gods. But malls suck. And to be more specific, Tyson’s Corner sucks. The whole little sprawled out development there is AWFUL! I took the metro there to go shopping one weekend and after I got off the metro train, it was a maze trying to navigate myself to the mall. There were limited crosswalks. The roads were wide and they had intersections where pedestrian crosswalks were only on one side of the street. And when the mall was in sight, I still had a massive parking lot to traverse. I mean this town was designed for cars. If you’re on foot, you have to walk very roundabout ways to get around.

So it’s hot. I’m getting blisters on my feet. And people are honking at me. So yeah killed my shopping mood by the time I finally hobbled my blistered feet into Neiman Marcus, because that’s the first store you reach when you’re on foot getting to the Galleria. As soon as I entered, I sat down in the first seat I found, basked in the air conditioning and just caught my breath. Then I went to the makeup counters to get some tissues to wipe my sweaty face. Then I found a nice comfy waiting couch to people watch and sort of find my calm (take a nap) after the stress of getting honked at and yelled at by unsympathetic and unforgiving drivers. Then I asked a nice sales lady for some bandaids. Then I wandered around. And then I left to go to dinner. What a bust. I go shopping at a mall and end up with some tissues and bandaids. (Thank you, Neiman Marcus, your customer service was great.) I won’t be going back to Tyson’s to shop. Yes. I said that. It feels weird that I said that. Actually, no. I love shopping, and that’s precisely why I won’t shop there. It was a disaster. Don’t let the metro stations fool you. That place gets a negative walkscore.

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