The possibilities

It’s been a month since I’ve set up the tank. ¬†Having a planted tank with no fish is kind of like having a perpetual blank canvas. Aquariums aren’t as much pets as they are living art kinda’? Sorta? I mean, it’s rectangular and you can’t touch what’s behind the glass (not all the time anyway). And it’s pleasing to look at. Calming. I know that eventually I’m going to fill it with something but for now, it’s nice to have the infinite possibilities and have a running list of what my tank might become with a laundry list of potential inhabitants.

Not all, but some combination of:

  • Shrimp (Red cherry/ghost)
  • Killifish – American Flagfish; Lyretail – cool water fish, would complement the cories nicely
  • Corydoras – Sterbai or Paleatus – they prefer cooler water which might not mix with the blue rams. ¬†Sterbai might be more heat tolerant.
  • Boesemani Rainbowfish – a schooling fish, so either the cories or the rainbowfish, but not both
  • Endler’s Livebearer – but they might prefer a little salt which would not mix with cories.
  • German Blue Rams – could be a shrimp eater
  • Betta – love them, but concerned about horrible breeding conditions
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnow – compatible with cool water cories and shrimp safe