Maiden Voyage

We just got back from our first cruise ever!  Verdict: Pretty good.  I’m not in a hurry to do it again, but I wouldn’t dread it if we were to do it again (preferably with others, it’s a good group/family activity).

Going in, I was a little hesitant about it because cruises, Caribbean beaches (touristy), just don’t sound like they have much by way of experiencing different cultures and foods which is what I generally like about travelling.  Even for local/domestic travel, it’s nice to experience the local rhythms of a town.  I won’t say I was wrong about my hunches.  It is very touristy.  It is crowded, being on a big boat with a lot of people everywhere all the time.  Aboard the ship, it is devoid of local cuisines.  Think Bob’s Big Boy or Cheesecake Factory food. But it was still fun. Cruise ships are decadence, gluttony, waste.  Even though the food wasn’t wonderful, it wasn’t bad either and I spent a lot of time eating, 6 square meals a day!  Food was available all the time.  It’s always nice to not have to cook or clean for a few days.  So that was the ship experience.
With regards to the Bahamas, I love the beaches and would love to go back (said with a little afterglow of the sun). The beaches in the Bahamas were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and they weren’t too crowded either.  I would probably go by plane though and stay a few days instead of a cruise. The soft sand and beautiful blue waters… it was spiritual!  I was more relaxed than at any yoga class.  I learned that I actually do like beaches afterall.  Sunshine is glorious!