Bathroom Sink – AGAIN!

The last time we replaced our bathroom faucet was in October of 2013.  And it’s broken again.  We should probably take responsibility for breaking it though because we take the faucet part off monthly to attach a water filter to fill a reservoir for our saltwater fishtank.  It causes a lot of wear and tear on a sink attachment that normally is left alone indefinitely.  So we’re probably going to have to think of another way to fill the reservoir for the fish tank.  In the meantime though, here we are again – in the market for yet another bathroom faucet.  I had no issues with the Moen faucet.  Loved it in fact – it worked nicely.  The plumber liked it.  But eh, what the heck, I’ll give the Grohe faucets a whirl.


Option A: Agira23402000

Option B: Bauloop20333000 bauloop

Option C: Parkfield23306000 parkfield


I guess it doesn’t really matter since they all look very similar but if anyone has an opinion, share!  I’m not against sticking to the Moen again either.