Buttercup, Daffodil, and 10 Ghost shrimp

I finally got some animals to put in my planted tank!  2 female American Flagfish which I’ve named Buttercup and Daffodil.  One has a dot on its dorsal fin (Daffodil) and the other one does not (Buttercup). And 10 ghost shrimp.

When I came back from the cruise, I noticed there were tiny little specks of buggy looking critters swimming around the tank.  Tons of them!  I think they might have been eating algae because the once-growing patch of algae on the glass was shrinking.  So when I released the two girls, you can imagine their excitement.  They were feasting on the buggies.  I’m not sure if they’re daphnia.  I think they’re too small to be…  Maybe they’re ostracoda or copepods.  The shrimp started looking for food around the plants too.  I’m not sure I’ll need to feed them for a while.  That’s the nice thing about having a planted tank.  It’s almost self-sustaining.

Before introducing the animals to the tank, I tested the water’s ammonia levels first.  0. Good.  It better have been 0 since I’ve had this tank running for almost 3 months.  It would’ve been smarter to test the water before bringing any animals home because otherwise I’d have no plan B of where to put them. But I sort of assumed my water was clean because of the little buggies thriving in the tank.  It’s generally a sign of clean water.  Next, I floated the bags of fish and shrimp into the tank to get them used to the temperature.  After 30 minutes, I drained some of the water out of the bags containing the animals into a discard bucket, and added a little of my tank water into the bag.  Another 30 minutes later, I again discarded some of the water in the bags, and replaced it with more tank water.  Another 30 minutes, I put the fish and shrimp into the tank, trying to keep as much of the the bag water from going into the tank as possible.  I watched them for a few minutes, hunting for food, and then I turned off the lights.

In the future, I hope to maybe get cory cats, but I’m probably going to wait a while to see how well everybody settles in before doing that.

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