Wakey wakey

This morning I turned on the light and my fish were asleep and so were the shrimp.  They were all lolling about on the bottom of the tank.  The two sisters were sleeping on the log.  When the lights came on, one shrimp jumped.  After a moment, the two fish slowly started to move about.  I also saw shrimp shell remains from a molting the night before.

Yesterday when I tried to feed the fish, they ate and spat out brine shrimp flakes and also ate and spat out freeze dried bloodworms.  I suspect they were raised on live foods as fry in the hatchery so they don’t know how to eat non-live food.  So far, they’ve been living off the buggies swimming around and algae but I can see there isn’t much of either left in the tank and eventually they’re going to have to eat the food I offer.