Big Snow!

It’s been snowing pretty steadily since yesterday afternoon.
I’ve been eating and checking on my nekos on Neko Atsume. We went out for a “quick” run to Whole Foods which had lines snaking around the store. I didn’t end up getting very much. A sack of navel oranges, kale, and dried beans. I didn’t really need anything, just curious about the stories I’ve been hearing about the zoo that this the grocery store right before big snow! It was busy but not as busy as some normal Sunday’s at Trader Joe’s and it was still pretty orderly.

My goodies bring all the cats to the yard

Neko Atsume. It’s a non-game kind of game. You place goodies in your yard to try to attract cats. That’s it.
Goodies include toys, food, snacks, scratch posts, cat trees, pillows, and other things cats like. Cats who come to your yard leave you sardines and you use those sardines to buy more goodies and expand your yard. It’s such a nothing sort of a game but I keep coming back to it. I keep checking every few minutes to see if another cat has come or if the one that’s there has left me gifts. I’m a virtual crazy cat lady.

Rancho Gordo Beans

I got 15 pounds of Rancho Gordo beans during my last visit to California and painstakingly hauled them back amongst other heavy items.  Like an ass.  Double entendre, double entendre!  Double up on ya!  Then I find on Rancho Gordo’s website that you can order them on the Internet and they will deliver them to your place of residence.  Of course. None of this analog shopping.  


It’s 19 pounds of beans. Well, maybe not all beans. There’s a few corn items in there. I’ve found these Rancho Gordo beans to be good and easy to cook and I love their variety. Although all their beans are reliably good, I’d say it’s only worth ordering if there’s a type that you can’t find elsewhere. For example I haven’t seen Rio Zape’s anywhere else and they are incredibly creamy and delicious.
Still, for this order, I got some pretty typical beans such as black beans, black eyed peas, and yellow eye beans. Their beans are very fresh so I wanted to try them compared to my usual beans.

Nha Hang Chay

This place is located in the same shop that used to be our go-to Thai restaurant, Thaispoon.  When that closed we weren’t too surprised, but still sad.  It was a good place and we ate there fairly regularly. but it never seemed all too busy.  It’s located right on the fringe of the Eden Center so it’s not easily noticeable.  But not too long after, we saw this new place come in and tried it about a month ago.  We got their Hue’s spicy noodle soup and a broken rice dish.  The soup was full of stuff.  Vegetables.  Tofu.  Ingredients!  And it wasn’t overly spicy or salty.  The broken rice dish was very flavorful and fresh too.  Since the weather has turned frigid I’ve been hankering for a good hot noodle soup again.

This time we got hot pot broken rice and the spicy noodle soup again.

Still as good.

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Are we fer reals here? There’s a day for appreciating houseplants?? And that day is today? Well slap my pothos and call me Lulu.

Winter is the toughest time for me in caring for my houseplants. There’s already not enough sunlight as it is even during the warmer months so these plants really have to hang tough for a few months. At the same time I have to adjust my watering habits. I’ve already rotted out a succulent. Luckily they’re easy to propagate so I’m hoping to rescue it.
This christmas cactus is my newest planted propagation. There’s a tiny flower bud forming on it already.

This weekend I went to a gardening store to look at all the houseplants they have. There were so many I’ve been wanting that they had. If I had more sunny windows or better yet, a sunroom, I would be in houseplant heaven!

Daffodil and Buttercup

I don’t know why I bothered naming my fish straight out of the bag.  I didn’t even know them at all yet. When I named them, in my mind, my fish were dainty little fish that gracefully swam in and out of the plants and enjoyed the lovely garden I planted for them.  Now that I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, I see that they’re just hungry hippos.
They’ve quickly gotten the hang of brine shrimp flakes and algae wafers and in between meals they act like they’ve never been fed.  Ever.  The shrimp are the same way.  Constantly on the hunt for food.  I added epsom salt to the tank and got some noticeable algae growth in a day.  I can’t believe I’d ever be trying to encourage algae to grow, but the flagfish and shrimp like to eat it.


2016 – The year of more sleep

It is 2016.  Good.

I can tell I’m getting older because this year, I didn’t stay up to do the countdown.  I was in bed by 11 (actually I was napping after dinner and drifting in and out of sleep the rest of the night).  I briefly woke up at 30 seconds before and then fell right back asleep after “Happy New Year.”
My resolution is to get more sleep and go to bed earlier. But it feels like no matter when I go to bed, I still feel like I could use more sleep at 5:30 in the morning when it’s dark and frigid outside.
In college, kids would brag about pulling all nighters like living off so little sleep was normal. I could never pull off an all nighter.  I mean I’d done it but was basically not functional.
My coworker, who’s close to retirement, told me enjoy this ability to sleep while you can.  As she ages, she finds it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.
So this year, I’d like to sleep as much as I can.
We went out to Shaw/U Street this past weekend and after dinner and drinks, eyes bleary, round robin yawning, we called it a night and hugged good-bye.  It was 9 ish.
And for the rest of this week I’ve been aiming to go to bed by 9 and get my hibernation on.