Why I would not get another Savvy Rest mattress

I’ve had a Savvy Rest mattress for a little over 2 years. The idea is, it’s a 3-layer latex rubber mattress that you have to put together in a cotton mattress cover. Because we got a queen size, it’s 6 pieces of latex and you lay them 3 layers thick on each side.

The good:

  • It’s organic.  No toxins, no fire retardants.  No pesticides on the cotton or latex.
  • There are no metal spring coils.
  • No off-gassing.  No smell at all.

The not-so-good (reasons why I would not repurchase):

  • There’s a crack in the middle.  Because it’s two sides of latex layers, you feel a crack in the middle.  That bothered me for a while.  It doesn’t as much now but I still notice it and don’t like it.
  • They advertise that you can restack the latex layers to the firmness of your liking.  So I chose Firm, Medium, and Soft for the 3 layers.  But honestly, these latex layers are so flimsy – tear easily, heavy, and bulky that after we got the bed together, there was no way I was about to take the thing apart to restack.
  • The flimsiness of the latex means I can’t even flip the mattress over and fitted sheets are also harder to put on.  And it also means I have a hard time vacuuming under the bed.  It’s just a blob of mattress basically.  Rather inconvenient.
  • It’s too soft.  I chose the firmer latex – Dunlop.  Have it stacked firm on bottom, soft in the middle, and medium on top.  It’s still too soft.  For a while I had back pain from the softness.  I think I got used to the bed eventually and the pain went away.
  • It was on the pricey side: $2300 thereabouts.  I wouldn’t mind if it were a better product, but it’s only so-so.

So what would I get instead?  I don’t know yet.  I’m hoping this mattress lasts us a little while.  I know I won’t go back to conventional mattresses though.  And I would look for a firmer mattress next time.

Lent Update

I guess it’s a bit late to be updating about Lent seeing how it ended in March. But this year has gone by pretty quickly hasn’t it? We’re more than halfway through 2016! Some years feel faster than others. This is one of those faster than usual years.

I studied the Japanese alphabet (hiragana). I memorized (and then promptly forgot) the alphabet. So now I know nothing. I never even got to the talking part or grammar or anything. Just dropped off at the very fundamental alphabet. So yeah, that was a bust. I didn’t even study it for 40 days straight. It was maybe for 3 weeks.

Hajimemashite – Nice to meet you.

Yup. That’s what I have left.

I killed my fish and shrimp!

Last night, I changed the drinking water filter in our sink and used the first 5 liters of it to top off my tank thinking it was freshly filtered water. And even though I knew it was filter flush water, I figured if it was good enough to water plants with then it was good for my planted fish tank too. Apparently not. This morning, I found both of my fish dead. And some shrimp too. I don’t get it! People put carbon filter media in their aquarium filters too. Same basic principle of drinking water filters. How did my fish die?

I still have some tough survivor shrimp hanging about, chowing down on their dead brethren so at least there’s that. And the plants seem okay as well. I don’t know what’s in the water filter but now you know, animals should not drink new filter water. Especially small animals.

On a side note, I learned that some locations of Whole Foods or Mom’s Market will accept used water filters. Look up Preserve Gimme 5 for your nearest collection site.

I think I took how easy it was to maintain my fish tank for granted. I started to think they were indestructible because of how the shrimp and plants were flourishing. Invertebrates tend to be more sensitive to water quality. But they really handled my low tech, minimal intervention/work methods well. I didn’t really so much change the water as just used the tank water to water house plants and then top it off with regular untreated tap water. Chloramines and all. At most I would let the tap water sit for a week before using it, but not always. So they did well with infrequent water changes using untreated water. What’s kind of scary is, I put 5 liters of this Union Carbide water in a 100 liter tank. That’s only 5%. What am I drinking?!

On the plus side? If there is one 🙁 my cherry shrimp which are usually always hiding because of the fish are now always out and about. Their predators are gone and they feel safe. So I may just leave this a planted shrimp tank.

Kimchi Rice Bowl

Since I made kimchi last month, I’ve been having it all the time. I’ve already finished 2 big jars of it – one napa and one cubed radish.

Here’s how I enjoy it sometimes.

I cook beans in the steamer cooker (my rice cooker) and then I cook them again with rice to get:
Rice and beans.

I add any kind of vegetable side dishes I have.
This time it was mung bean sprouts.

In goes the kimchi and also a cut up avocado. Mmm-mm! A filling and delicious meal.
The kimchi and kimchi juice provides all the flavoring.

If I don’t have cooked rice ready to go, I’ll boil noodles which takes no time and make a noodle bowl instead.