Lent Update

I guess it’s a bit late to be updating about Lent seeing how it ended in March. But this year has gone by pretty quickly hasn’t it? We’re more than halfway through 2016! Some years feel faster than others. This is one of those faster than usual years.

I studied the Japanese alphabet (hiragana). I memorized (and then promptly forgot) the alphabet. So now I know nothing. I never even got to the talking part or grammar or anything. Just dropped off at the very fundamental alphabet. So yeah, that was a bust. I didn’t even study it for 40 days straight. It was maybe for 3 weeks.

Hajimemashite – Nice to meet you.

Yup. That’s what I have left.

1 thought on “Lent Update”

  1. I did that once. There was a Nintendo DS game called like Learn Japanese or something. But gosh I just got no where. 🙂
    The game was alright though. It had little lessons then little exercises.

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