I went to a training class at work today and by way of introducing ourselves, they asked participants to talk about a hobby.  I racked my brain for something better to say than just watching YouTube and Netflix which is probably how I spend 90% of my free time.  It’s as valid a way to pass time as anything else, but doesn’t seem hobby-like.   I ended up sharing that I enjoy cooking and doing yoga.

Then I came home to a couple of packages I’d just ordered.  One item was this new watercolor set.  I discovered some watercolor hobbyists on YouTube and decided to dabble in this.  When I was a kid, I took watercolor lessons and even though I didn’t really have the patience for art (and I still don’t), I enjoyed studying objects to try to put them on paper.  And I love color!
I’m not sure how long this interest will last – for 5 minutes or longer term.  So maybe my other hobby is really just shopping for my maybe-hobbies.

2 thoughts on “Hobby

  1. Oooh watercolors. Have you tried the wet on wet technique? Put some paint down, wait a little bit, clean your brush in water, then add a different color to the still wet paint.

  2. Cool sounding technique! I have not tried that! Or maybe I have, just by trying to paint over a section over and over! 😛 The paper I got isn’t really watercolor-specific, so I have to be careful not to overdo it with the water/wetness.
    I mostly treat my watercoloring like coloring with a crayon. Just paint colors in there!

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