Con-70 Converter

I got this converter for another pen (the Falcon) but it didn’t fit. 
Con-70 Converter
In fact, the only pen I have that can fit this converter was my work pen, the Kakuno.  Perfect.  I took it to work and the ink capacity lasts!  I don’t have to worry about my pen running out of ink in the middle of a meeting.  And filling it is a breeze.  Just a few pumps dipped in the inkwell and I have myself a juicy pen.  Even if the pen dries up and stops writing, I don’t have to do anything more than just give the converter a few gentle half pumps and it’s good to go.  This thing… I should have gotten it long ago.  It’s turned a fountain pen from a play thing and kind of inconvenient to a real everyday work pen.
For the longest time, I was refilling a cartridge with a syringe at work.  This started to get tedious when it was happening every few weeks.  I had to keep a backup ballpoint, which defeats the purpose of a fountain pen.  Suddenly I found myself shopping for a pen with super ink capacity.  But any pen over $20 was not going to work with me.  This accidental converter saved the day.The only drawback if I have to think of one is you don’t get to swap colors as often.  But I’ve found that for work, I’m not going to use too many cartoon colors.  So I end up with the same general range of colors anyways – anything that looks black or blue.  Right now, it’s Diamine Evergreen.  It looks black on a fine nib.

2 thoughts on “Con-70 Converter”

  1. This is so exciting!
    Isn’t it great when something that you didn’t realize would change your life for the better does, and does it by a lot? 🙂

  2. Yes. I’d say this converter has made a vast improvement on my work fountain pen. I always knew I needed more ink capacity than those silly garbage-y cartridges, but thought a pen that had that kind of capacity was too expensive. Who knew a $10 converter could solve it?

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