Not my day

Today was mostly okay until I went to go catch a bus for an appointment. (Metro is doing track work and telling everybody to stay home, go on vacay, or find another mode of transportation, which is usually unheard of since they’re hurtin’ for money, but I’m glad they’re finally giving metro’s infrastructure the much needed attention). The first bus came and drove right by me (why do they do that?!!). And in the 10 minutes I stood to wait for the next bus (thankfully it was just 10 or so mins), mosquitoes attacked me. I was bit probably close to 10 times. The saving grace, there was a torrential downpour (the kind that flip umbrellas inside out) just as I hopped onto the next bus, and by the time I got to where I was going, the rain had stopped. So maybe missing that first bus was a blessing in disguise a la that movie, Sliding Doors (where Gwyneth Paltrow misses a train in one universe and catches it in another and her life is totally different because of that train.) Not that my life was so altered. I don’t think anyway. I guess I’ll never know since I didn’t catch that bus. At any rate, I imagine I would have had to get off the bus right in the middle of the pouring rain and I would have waited at the bus shelter until the storm ebbed and not gotten attacked by the hungry mosquitoes. No biggie. Anyway, I came home and had a bowl of rice and miso paste to feel better. It’s my new favorite food lately. I wrap it in nori. It’s like omusubi without the effort of turning it into a triangle. I feel better now.

2 thoughts on “Not my day”

  1. Doooood we totally had this happen to us!
    Bus passing us by that is. Dood, it’s hard to ride transit when it’s not reliable.

  2. I think I have a higher tolerance threshold for transit mishaps. Just this weekend, tried to take a bus to Chaia and it never showed up. The next bus according to the WMATA site said it would be 20+ more minutes. That was after already waiting 20 minutes for the first bus that never came. Lyft. Metro losing ridership isn’t because of ridesharing or carsharing or dockless bikes or whatever two wheeled scooters. It’s because we just don’t invest enough in transit infrastructure. It’s not in our cheap gas culture.

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