The year of flexibility

I wanted to focus 2018 on flexibility. With my limbs. Stretch more. Use the foam roller more. I blame Instagram.  Nothing good ever came out of social media eh?  So that lasted for maaaybee a month?  I mean I kinda’ sorta?  Reality: I probably stretched no more or less than usual. You know how it goes with resolutions and old habits. I was hoping that my physical flexibility would manifest into my day-to-day life. That I could be more flexible physically and mentally. I’m not sure my brain flexed anymore than my limbs though so there ya go.  Old habits are hard to kill. Then again, life is moment to moment so maybe just keeping the thought in mind helped in some way? I don’t know. It’s not something I measured, nor would I know how to. Or maybe not measuring and not tracking was itself a sort of flexibility. Just learning to go with the current moment rather than worrying about how I was in the previous moment. Anyway, I really enjoyed this “resolution” because it’s more flexible. How very meta. So I can’t tell how I did. There is no success or failure. It’s just a word.

Conversation in the ladies room

How was your weekend?

Oh we got our decorations up.  My husband got on the roof and I couldn’t watch, but it’s done now and it looks great!

Wow on the roof!  That must’ve been nerve wracking. He has life insurance right?!

I know! Earlier in the year, he got a chain saw and was cutting down some limbs off the trees and he decided to tie it to his waist so it would free his hands.  I couldn’t watch.  I finally had to leave the house.  And when I came back, he had an iced tea in one hand and his other hand had a big ol’ bandage around it.  He had put his hand on the blade before it stopped spinning and grazed it.

I’m a firm believer of outsourcing.  Also, that chainsaw needs to magically disappear.

Not another haircut

Usually, I like to show my haircuts with a before and after cut comparison.

(See 2017, 2016, 2015)

This time, I’m showing a before and after a year of growth.
1 year of growth

I’m hoping to grow it another year before lopping it off again. The thing I learned about a short cut is, I like them. They require less work to look stylish. Although I won’t go this short again because it gets all bent out of shape when I sleep and trying to fix it takes heat and effort. A bob length is easier because there’s enough weight on the hair to not get too unruly. Also, it can be tied back for the gym.