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First day back at work from a two week extravaganza where I kept the hours, diet, and life of a college kid. Family has a way of bringing out the old habits of youth. I even fired up Sims again. Unfortunately my body doesn’t handle that like it used to so I got sick. I still have some lingering congestion from my New Years cold but I know I’m on the mend when my immune system goes back to tilting at windmills (aka allergies).

I didn’t really feel like going to the gym today, but I ended up going to yoga tonight. It’d been two weeks and I felt stiff and hoped maybe the stretchy part would help. The gym was packed this evening. I forget how busy things get after the New Year at a gym. I supposed I was glad I went even though I wasn’t feeling it. I did look at the clock a few times and took whatever easy option I could. At the beginning of every class this instructor often asks everyone what they’d like to work on (it’s a small group). I was tempted to say savasana, one hour! I still feel stiff but maybe less so? Fighting entropy is a losing battle. But fight I must!

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