A hotpot kind of night

Forecasters called for snow this weekend and I instantly thought, hotpot. I started brainstorming with a friend, must-haves to include.

Her favorite items to toss in:

  • Yuba – Dried sheets or sticks of tofu skin. It’s only available from China, so she tries to go for the ones manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • Bamboo – She goes for the frozen ones, though recently they’re available fresh.
  • Frozen firm tofu – After freezing, tofu develops a sponge-like texture. It soaks up the soup well.
  • Daikon – Fresh daikon makes a tasty broth. I also like to ferment the skins with some carrots, ginger, and salt water for a few days.
  • Taro
  • Chrysanthemum greens
  • Enoki

I have never added bamboo or yuba in my hotpot but they both sounded tasty so I got some to try. Another item I suggested to her is seaweed. It adds umami and deepens the flavor of the broth, along with some onions. Other items I like to include are napa and cabbage and sometimes lotus roots.

I’m so hungry right now just thinking about it. Hotpot is my winter comfort food.

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