The Life and Good Times of Allie Aloe

Allie moved into the neighborhood wanting to start her life as a mother. She’d given up on finding a relationship or partnership or whatevership. She just wanted to live up to her name, and bear many pups, as a good Aloe should. Allie first met Blair Lothario at the local park where she liked to hang out. This man happened to be spending the day at the park with his seven other housemates. Lucky Allie introduced herself to them all. That night though, it was Blair who was lucky enough to go home with Allie and then they both got lucky. Allie was pregnant on their first try. Allie bid farewell to Blair. Then, she went to the park to relax. There, she got to know Chet Lothario a bit better, so she took him home and they got to know each other even more. After he left, Allie went to the hospital to have her daughter, whom she named Blair, after the child’s father. Allie thought it easiest to keep her baby daddies straight by naming her child and all future children after their fathers.

Once Allie brought Blair home, she called her now close friend, Chet, over to introduce him to her baby. Then Allie and Chet got to be more than just friends and lo, Allie Aloe was pregnant. Pregnant Allie called a sitter and set off to meet new people at the park. There, she chatted up Wayne Lothario. Wayne followed her home and they got to know each other very well. After Wayne left, Allie gave birth to Blair’s little brother, Chet.

Since Wayne had grown to be such a good friend, naturally she called him first to invite him over to meet the new baby. Then Allie and Wayne bonded over this family and decided to make another. Now pregnant with her third and two young ones at home, even with the help of a sitter, going to the park while pregnant and tired all the time was not going to be possible. She called Colin Lothario to chat, just wanting to have adult conversation.

As they grew more familiar with each other, she invited him over and they became more than just friends. So much so that after Wenya was born, the first person she thought to call over was Colin. In the excitement of meeting the new baby, Allie and Colin found themselves expecting another baby. Having toddlers Blair, Chet, baby Wenya, a babysitter whom she had to keep her hawkeye on, and pregnant with Colin Aloe, it was all Allie could do to keep it together.

Allie had to find a relief valve from the stress and she found it in Steve Lothario. Steve bravely visited Allie and tried to help with her children. Facing a challenge together helped strengthen their budding relationship and they found themselves passionately in love. So in love were they that after Colin was born, the first person Allie wanted by her and the children’s side was Steve. And being by her side, Allie found herself with child again.

After Steve Jr. was born, Allie’s equipment needed a break. Also, she could barely keep it together with five needy wee ones. Luckily Blair was starting to be a little more independent. After Blair grew old enough to start helping with her younger siblings and Chet was old enough to care for himself, Allie had her two youngest back to back, with Arnold and Jaden.

By the time Jaden was born she had plenty of help with the younger toddlers and newborn and Allie Aloe could mostly kickback and relax and be pleased with herself. She had seven beautiful children with seven charming Lotharios. And they all grew up to be master gardeners.

Except Wenya, the little hussy. She decided to seduce her brother’s father, Chet. After finding out Wenya was pregnant with her older brother’s nephew/brother, she shared the news with Allie. Allie found joy in being a grandmother to the third Chet. Nobody was confused by the three Chet’s in the neighborhood.

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