Terrace House – Opening New Doors

This is my favorite reality TV show. I normally browse or play games while watching TV, but for TH, I put the iPad down to read the subtitles. This show is the Sims IRL!! If you put six Sims together like this the results would be not too different. Except my Sims would definitely squeeze out a couple of kids before too long. The characters in the show are attractive, talented, entrepreneurial, and opportunistic. So this show is a publicity generating platform for them as they develop their brands while we viewers watch them socially interact. I almost think of it as panda porn for Japanese youth. Kids, this is how you engage each other socially. Pandas, this is how babies are made. Beautiful.


This may be a backslide on the decluttering-throwaway resolution front. This mountain of stuff on the coffee table that inadvertently became the storage area for all Costco purchases started getting a bit out of control. I suppose a space as small as this has no business storing Costco-sized anything but on the occasion, I do like to pick up a few cartoonishly large-sized items. Ironically, the stocking up is a result of not enjoying the Costco experience. Buy more, buy less frequently. Y’see the logic?

Coffee Table of Crap

From what I understand of the minimalist thinking, the general idea of organization or storage items is they tend to, in the long run, exacerbate clutter. They’re clutter magnets. It’s better to not have the storage items and to just get rid of the stuff that you would have kept there. I’m not at that level yet. That’s like Michelin 3-star level minimalism. So even knowing that, we got the rack anyway because we figured the coffee table footprint is larger than the rack footprint and the rack optimizes use of vertical space. It’s Hong Kong here in my little place.

Costco Shrine

Maybe I will come to regret this Costco shrine installation. One feature I’m glad it has is the caster wheels. Boy if that isn’t my favorite furniture feature for small spaces. I want walls to come with wheels. And the coffee table goes because it doesn’t have wheels. So I suppose zero sum in terms of stuff. One in-one out.